“The Shrine of St. Joseph, Patron of the Unborn, provides a place of personal healing and forgiveness for all who have experienced the loss of a pre-born baby.  The beautiful statue holds a six-month unborn baby.  Saint Joseph assures all that these children are safe and secure, and that he is personally taking them to the Lord.”

Children who have died before birth from abortion or miscarriage seldom have a physical remembrance on this earth, not even a name.  Because of these traumatic and sad events, many parents and relatives are left with unresolved feelings and unforgiven sins.


O Holy Joseph, protector and provider of the Holy Family and all families, through your intercession may God grant all expectant mothers the grace to cherish the new life within their wombs. May mothers and fathers realize that their baby is a gift from God and have the courage to choose life for their child. Through the Mystery of Baptism may the parents and newborns become children of God and heirs to eternal life in Christ. Amen.