“O’ Saint Joseph, after your most Holy Spouse, our blessed Mother, you were the first to take into your arms and heart the baby Jesus.  From the first time you gazed upon Him and held Him, your heart and soul were forever bonded to Him.  You caressed the Holy Child with Fatherly love and affection, and you committed yourself always to love, protect and care for this Son.

Look now with similar love and affetion upon this child of mine, who has gone from this World.  I place my child, as well as my grief and guilt, into the eternal embrace of your arms.  Hold and caress my child for me with the love of my own arms, and sweetly kiss my child with all the tender affection of my heart.

As God the Father entrusted the care of His most precious Son into your most loving and confident hands, so too do I entrust into your Fatherly care this child of mine.  Please present him to the merciful hands of Our Lord, so that one day when I too leave this world my child may greet me into Eternal Life.”